Book / Create your own Course, Workshop or Event

Singplicity offers many activities and events that can be tailored to suit you.  Gather a group – or you may already have one (eg colleagues, friends, hobby group, choir, WI etc) and we can adapt to your venue /budget / idea… for example:-

  • ‘Singing for the Terrified’ – A course or workshop for absolute beginners or those who have been put off or criticised in the past, to open the door to a future of enjoying singing.
  • Team-Building for Charities and Business – An effective tool to create a level playing field, unlock creativity and communication whilst we tackle amazing four-part harmonies together.
  • Seasonal Singing Days – An uplifting harmony singing experience with a completely eclectic mix of songs to suit the season.
  • Existing Singing Groups – The Choir Doctor is in! – and available for improvement workshops including Natural Voice Technique, general refreshing shake-ups, improv sessions and extra fun.

Special Events:

  • Instant Choirs – We will transform the guests at your Wedding / Hand-fasting / Naming / Birthday party into a harmony choir to make the event really participatory and memorable.
  • Singing Walks / Site Visits – Walking Festivals, Local History, Special Dates, Significant Sites, or pure landscape – hills, caves, waterfalls, ruins or woods; get a group together and we’ll teach some beautiful, simple-to-learn songs along the way.
  • YOUR IDEAS – If you would like to explore having participatory harmony singing as part of any event we can tailor it to suit you.