Helping your business

Team building

Workshops for charities and businesses – an effective tool to create a level playing field, unlocking creativity and communication whilst we tackle amazing four-part harmonies together.

Get in touch to see how singing together builds more than harmony into your people.

In-house choirs

An in-house choir brings something very special to your company’s culture.

Celia Webb has worked with a number of business clients [details coming] , creating in-house choirs, one-off workshops etc etc

[This section is work in progress]

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Vocal health for employees

Vocal health sessions are particularly useful for service industries like call-centres or settings where staff need to take care of their voices.

Celia Webb has pioneered techniques to ensure that vocal muscles are looked after and not strained from over-use.

“Singing has helped my breathing technique, confidence in speaking, particularly on the phone, and in conversation.” Joan, Cardiff