It is more than 25 years ago that I was diagnosed with the neurological disorder Cerebellar Ataxia, and I feel that, over time, I had adapted reasonably well to living with the limitations of balance and coordination. However, after the effects on my speech became more pronounced, my confidence in interacting with other people, particularly those who did not know me, was affected. I had a few sessions with speech therapists via the NHS, but my condition was not considered severe enough to warrant further action. I knew Celia as a friend, and she agreed to help me. After several ‘one to one’ sessions, Celia suggested that I join her Singing for Pleasure group. At first I was reluctant to do this, as my singing ability is not good, but I was assured that ‘everyone can sing’!  Singing has helped my breathing technique, confidence in speaking, particularly on the phone, and in conversation. Now, after more than three years with the group, I look forward to the enjoyable Monday mornings, the pleasant company, the making of new friends, and of course I appreciate the benefits to my health and well- being.